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In Defense of Sound Money & Freedom

Welcome to where we believe in the inherent right to economic freedom, sound money, and personal sovereignty. We champion these values through our unwavering commitment to preserving and promoting the legacy of the NORFED Liberty Dollar—a pioneering and contentious private currency that has been at the heart of numerous legal and political debates.

The Mission

The Federal Reserve and centralized banking systems have given us little but depreciating paper money and a loss of purchasing power. At, our mission is to aggregate, categorize, conserve, and provide educational materials about the NORFED Liberty Dollar—the most successful movement to bring back sound money to date. We aim to serve as a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in learning more about this alternative currency, its history, and its significance in the struggle for monetary freedom.

The Cause: NORFED & Liberty Dollar

The National Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve Act & Internal Revenue Code (NORFED) set out to challenge the dominant paradigm by introducing the Liberty Dollar in 1998. This alternative currency, backed by precious metals like silver and gold, sought to provide Americans with a sound and secure medium of exchange, free from the manipulations of central banking systems.

While NORFED’s initiative faced significant legal challenges, culminating in a federal case against its visionary founder, Bernard von NotHaus, the message behind the Liberty Dollar remains both valid and valuable. This website is devoted to conserving that legacy.

What We Offer

  1. Aggregated Information: A comprehensive database of articles, papers, court documents, and media coverage related to the NORFED Liberty Dollar.
  2. Educational Material: Learn about the philosophical underpinnings of the Liberty Dollar, the principles of sound money, and why alternative currencies are vital for a free society.
  3. Categorized Archives: Navigate through our curated collection of resources easily, allowing you to delve deep into specific aspects of the Liberty Dollar, be it historical, legal, or economic.
  4. Conservation: As much as we are a hub of information, we are also dedicated to the conservation of Liberty Dollar coins, paraphernalia, and memories that contribute to this pivotal chapter in the struggle for financial independence.

Join the Cause

Your quest for monetary freedom and understanding doesn't have to stop at reading. Engage with our interactive platform, contribute your own experiences with the Liberty Dollar, or share pictures and information to keep this digital sanctuary of financial freedom alive and thriving.

In the words of Thomas Jefferson, "Paper is is only the ghost of money, and not money itself." Here at, we strive to uphold the virtues of real, tangible value over illusory wealth. Because freedom is never granted; it is won.

In liberty,