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Sell Your NORFED Liberty Dollars

Sell Your NORFED Liberty Dollars

If you are considering parting with your NORFED Liberty Dollars, selling them to a collector is always preferable. This ensures that your coins are valued, appreciated, and preserved rather than sold for scrap and melted down. As a dedicated enthusiast and experienced collector, I deeply understand and appreciate the historical significance and unique stories behind NORFED coins, whether they are made of silver, copper, gold, or platinum.

Why Sell to a Collector?

Preservation of Historical Value: Each NORFED Liberty Dollar variant tells a unique story and represents a piece of history. Selling to a collector ensures that this history is preserved and appreciated.

Fair Market Value: As a seasoned collector, I know the market and can offer you a fair price that reflects the actual value of your coins, certificates, or other items.

Items of Interest

In addition to your NORFED Liberty Dollars, you can also sell your NORFED American Liberty Silver and Gold Certificates. These certificates hold their own value and significance, and I am also interested in preserving them. Selling to a collector like me will ensure these items are preserved and maintained for future generations.

How to Sell

  1. Contact Me: Email me with the details and pictures of your NORFED Liberty Dollars, Silver Certificates, and Gold Certificates. Please include descriptions, clear and high-quality images that show each item's condition and obverse/reverse features.
  2. Evaluation: I will review the details you provide to assess your items' condition, significance, and value. This helps me offer a fair price that aligns with current market values.
  3. Offer: After a thorough evaluation, I may make an offer for your items. This offer will reflect both their monetary and historical value, ensuring you receive a fair deal.
  4. Decision: Take your time to consider the offer. There is no rush or pressure to make a quick sale. Your satisfaction and comfort with the transaction are my priorities.

Benefits of Selling to Me

  • Expertise: As a seasoned collector, I deeply understand NORFED coins and certificates, ensuring that you receive a knowledgeable evaluation and a fair price.
  • Transparency: The entire process is transparent, with clear communication and a straightforward evaluation.
  • No Pressure: You can take your time to decide without any rush or pressure to sell quickly.

Get in Touch

If you are ready to sell your NORFED Liberty Dollars, Silver Certificates, or Gold Certificates, please email me at brian 'at' norfed 'dot' info with the details and images of your items.