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NORFED Liberty Dollar Newsletter - August 1999

Well here goes #3…let me know if you get it…if there are any problems with your name etc…also please understand that with NORFED mushrooming towards 200 RCs it will be impossible for me to reply…just want you to know that I am thinking of you and want to thank every Redemption Center for helping to "take back America one dollar at a time." Now with that said here goes!

1. First let me welcome some many new RCs….WOW! And to welcome so many older RCs who I finally got into my address book. Hey guys and gals…this really takes a lot of work keeping it together and I appreciate your patience.

2. When I left you last on #2, I mentioned that the US Marshals had visited a RC… Well, I went and interviewed the principals and although it was a very big deal for the courageous, petite lady against the two big Marshals the facts of the matter is that it is no big deal for NORFED. Here’s the facts. The visit by two Marshals was back in mid-December. They drove over 200 miles in an old beat-up car to get some ALC and were disappointed when the RC didn’t have any on hand at that time. The unfortunate parts are that I didn’t hear about this until about May and the RC did not get any badge number, etc… So please if anything "Official" happens at your RC please let me know immediately.

3. In addition to the mushrooming of RCs, the Big Recent Developments include: An IGA Grocery store in Montana accepting ALC thanks to the great efforts of Mike Heit/RC…Robert Miller/RC paying his traffic ticket in ALC…Tom Curtis/RC opening six business in one day…I have been using more and more ALC. There are so many stories that we have opened a new "window" on the NORFED home page for WINNING STORIES. I invite, urge and even reward you for your story that we put on the new page. PLEASE send us your story!

4. One of the changes that have brought about big changes is the use of a new phrase for the American Liberty Currency. We are now simply referring to it as the NEW AMERICAN DOLLAR. Very Hot, very successful and the suggestion of Thomas Asaiah/RC. It is exactly this type of cross-pollination that is the very strength of a national organization. It is the efforts of specially dedicated people like you and Greg Shanken/RC who initiated the WINNING STORIES idea who will not only make $$$ but take back America.

5. So we also fine tuned our solution phrase for the New American Dollar: It is NORFED’s position that the solution to many of America’s problems is simply to: "Stop using ‘their’ money. Start using the New American Dollar and take back America one dollar at a time." Try it. It is quick, easy and clean.

6. Another new development is the US Taxpayers Party. Quite frankly I have just become acquainted with it and am very impressed. For one thing they are dedicated to repeal the Federal Reserve (F*R* if you have not read the Y2K Money book, this is an aberration for both the Federal Reserve and the F*** Rip-off that it is) and for the re-institution of a Constitutionally compliant currency. Of course, the ALC is not only constitutionally compliant it even has the Preamble on it in microprint. (You have seen it, haven’t you? I hope so.) Anyway the USTP seems like the genuine thing and certainly Mike Heit/RC, Lydia Kaiser/RC and several other RCs are very genuine and very involved. Mike is even a Candidate! In any case NORFED acknowledges that since Congress enacted the F*R* it is up to Congress to repeal it. This takes political action and NORFED will support any genuine non-CFR political effort that supports the repeal of the F*R* and the fractional reserve banking scheme. So shortly, you will be receiving 5 dynamite brochures that Lydia did on her own – it was not even a party sponsored brochure! Just shows you what one individual can do! Please share it with your friends and get their feedback…

7. In fact the brochure is so good that I have suspended my West Coast Tour in South Dakota and will be attending the USTP Convention in St. Louis from September 1 – 7th…Then it will be back to the West Coast for a speech in Las Vegas at the 20th Anniversary of the Soldier of Fortune Convention and on to probably LA for the First Year Anniversary of NORFED. (The ALC was first issued on October 1 1998) I will probably set aside a whole day where I will be available to meet with as many of the RCs in Southern California as possible…then maybe a beer or two to cap off one terrific year for the Peoples’ very own value backed currency!

8. Another new development is a new Paper: "Acceptance & Advantages for Your Business to Use the New American Dollar". Yes! This is finally out and will be attached as a document for your use. Your feedback is welcome as usual.

9. But that’s not all. I also made an audiotape with Jim Phipps/RC in Texas. It will be sent to you with the USTP brochures and you can copy it, distribute it, and use it to build RCs that you can sponsor as the tape refers the listener to contact the person who gave him/her the tape. The main point here is the IMPORTANCE of sponsoring RCs. It is critical to NORFED’s mission to create upwards to a million RCs to bring about the political support to repeal the F*R*. It is also in your interest both because you get $$$ and because the clusters of RCs that you sponsor will support your community in the time of Y2K or any other national emergency that our criminal government may have planned…PLEASE open a Redemption Center if you have not done so. It is very empowering. And use the New American Dollar. Just simply ask the cashier if he/she accepts the New American Dollar…you will be surprised and feel great about doing it.

10. As part of our First Year Anniversary we would like to have a RC in every State! We are missing a few and ask your help. If you know anyone in North Dakota, Minnesota, Vermont, Connecticut or Delaware (Delaware was our nation’s ‘First State’ I wonder if they will be our last?) Five State to go. Please call a friend and sponsor a RC. Thanks!

11. Now if you made it this far…Congratulations! I have been trying to get this off to you for a long time and there has just been too many thing happening. So I hope you do not get multi copies of this emails this time…if you do, please let me know. This is just #3 and I’ll get the hang of this sooner or later with your assistance. A BRIEF REPLY IS ALL THAT IS NECESSARY. THANKS.

12. And finally my sincere thanks for all your support. Some of you are going great guns. Some of you have not done anything but become a RC. Anything is appreciated. If just a million people became a RC the currency monetary system would find "old time religion" and return to value. I pray that it will happen in my lifetime. If I don’t then rest assured that I will have found the value that is so critical for a free and independent America – one nation under God.

PS: Please note "White Paper" on Business attached

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