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NORFED Liberty Dollar Newsletter - December 1998

December 1998 Report The month started out with an amazing article in mainstream media. On December 7th, the Honolulu Advertiser ran a major article on the front page of the B Section. The article, titled The Y2K Buck Stops Here by Will Hoover covered almost a full page with text, photos and a quarter page backup. Referring to American Liberty Currency as Y2K Crash Cash, Millennium Meltdown Moolah and Year 2000 Crisis Script, the article covered every major point. In shocking detail for a mainstream newspaper, the article explained that the Federal Reserve (hereafter abbreviated F*R* for the F***ing Rip-off that it is) was a private company that manipulates the economy for the profits of its owners at the expense of the American people.

Exchanges of F*R* notes for the month again tied the original record with $30,000.00 in ALC. But this amount is anticipated to drop as Bernard devotes more time to finishing NORFED's book, Y2K Money - Your Survival Currency. The book promises to presents the facts behind the Y2K Crisis substantiating that the government knew about the millennium computer problem forty years ago, were advised of it continuously, had enough time and ample manpower with a two million man standing army to solve the problem. And they choose not to do it. The book explains why and projects the results for the government's plan to inflate the currency 35% with the issue of $75 billion in new F*R* Notes during 1999.

December ended with the usual frenzy of the Christmas Season and New Years. NORFED's first three months saw a total of $80,000.00 of American Liberty Currency in circulation and approximately 60 local Redemption Centers nationwide. Steady, evolutionary growth became the standard for a value backed currency as Y2K developed.

Bernard von NotHaus
Designer/Senior Economist
American Liberty Currency


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