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NORFED Liberty Dollar Newsletter - February 2000

TOP Story: New Executive Director at NORFED.  


1. New Executive Director at NORFED  
2. Check Out Our New Web Site Home Page  
3. Don’t Be Shy about Success  
4. Tune in to “The Other Radio Network”  
5. Why Are Liberty Dollars Backed by Silver and Not Gold?  
6. The Southern Story: Wanna Get Your Money At A Discount?  
7. Digitalization of The Liberty Dollar  
8. Austinites First To Form Local NORFED Chapter  
9. Quote of the Month  
10. What To Say When People Ask, “What Do I Do with It?”  
11. $2,000,000 Liberty Dollars in Circulation  
12. We’ll Pay You To Get Publicity  

1. New Executive Director at NORFED  

I am pleased and proud to become NORFED’s Executive Director, and I want to thank Bernard for his confidence and support. Let me begin to introduce myself by explaining what I’m not.  

I’m not an economist, so I don’t know much about the monetary system, the Federal Reserve, or even the price of gold or silver. I do plan to learn – and I’m sure I couldn’t find a better mentor than Bernard.  

Likewise, I’m also not very familiar with the range of patriotic issues surrounding NORFED and the American Liberty Dollar. Here too, Bernard is an eager mentor, and has already given me enough “homework” to last a full school year. The way I look at it, I can finally put to good use the Master’s Degree in Political Science that I earned over 20 years ago.  

Now, on to my good parts. And they better be good if I’m not a flaming patriot and if I’m not much  good at economics. Well, how’s this for starters: I’m a professional marketer, complete with an MBA in Marketing from Northwestern University – for 30 years the top business school for marketing (Go Wildcats!). Basically, that means I can sell refrigerators to Eskimos. 

My specialty in marketing is taking the side of David and going up against Goliath, experience that should come in handy as I start marketing The Liberty Dollar against the Federal Reserve Note. And I have experience with decentralized network-based businesses, having recently worked as a special marketing consultant to the CEO of Life Plus International, a manufacturer and MLM distributor of nutritional products.  

NORFED’s decentralized, private approach to currency is exactly what free-market advocates would design for themselves. Growing the network and making it stronger will be my number one goal with NORFED. I’m going to be developing marketing tools and programs that will make it easier for RCs to be more successful in signing up new RCs. I’m going to call on RCs to help get us more favorable coverage in the media, to spread the word about NORFED and The Liberty Dollar. We want to get more businesses and consumers comfortable about using ALDs and that will get more ALDs into circulation.  

2. Check Out Our New Web Page  

If you haven’t seen our new web site home page, you should check it out now! Thanks to the creative work that Jason Pratt/RC has contributed to the effort, the new, cleaner, more modern home page is already producing results. More people are coming to the new optimized site and staying longer. Plus more are signing up as Supporters, Liberty Merchants and Redemption Centers. One of the strongest  changes is the addition of testimonials and media reviews about The Liberty Dollar in the right column of the home page. We’d like to get your reaction to our new look. Tell us what you think! Many, many thanks to Jason!!!  

3. Don’t Be Shy about Success  

The recent rapid rise in the distribution of ALDs means that somebody somewhere is doing something superb. We are seeing the results, and we’d like to hear the stories behind the successes.  

Please, please, please send us your success stories! We’re especially interested in how you sign up new  RCs, LMs and Supporters. And we’re always excited to hear about your success in getting more people  and places to accept ALDs.  

4. Tune in to “The Other Radio Network”  

There’s an absolutely awesome radio program about NORFED on The Other Radio It’s an hour-long interview with our Bernard von NotHaus. He explains the purpose and history of NORFED and The Liberty Dollar, and gets going on a wide range of issues. His best quote of the day when asked about writing to Congress to act: “Piss on the Congress!”  

You can hear Bernard do just that and a lot more by going to  

http: // Or, just go to the new web site and scroll down to the link in the right column under the heading “ Hear for Yourself.”  

5. Why Are Liberty Dollars Backed by Silver and Not Gold?  

Several RCs have reported being asked this question and tell us they wish they had a good answer. So we put the question to our Senior Economist, Bernard von NotHaus, and he gave us this explanation:  

First, gold is more volatile and subject to manipulation in the marketplace than is silver. Second, silver has greater potential appreciation than gold. 

Third, A new use for silver is patented every day (over 350 in the last year).  

Finally, because of their relative value, silver is more practical. A $10 Silver Liberty is a lot heavier, looks a lot better and has more impact than a $10 gold piece, which would appear as a flimsy bit of gold.  

6. The Southern Story:  

Wanna Get Your Money At A Discount?  

On one of his frequent trips across the country, Bernard got together with a group of Redemption Centers at an old southern rural general store and diner. They sat around the neat place at a wooden  picnic table and talked over an old-fashioned southern plate lunch about NORFED and the future of The Liberty Dollar.  

When a lull in the conversation occurred, John, a good old country boy and fellow Redemption Center who had never said anything, finally spoke up from the end of the table.  

"Bernard, I gotta tell you that I really like The Liberty Dollar! That’s why I became a Redemption Center. But I've got a question."  

Of course, Bernard loves questions, because he knows that if you can get people asking questions, you  have every opportunity to make some progress. So Bernard replied. “John I think that's great! It shows you’re thinking and interested in what we’re doing. What’s your question?”  

“Bernard, like I said, I sure like the Liberty Currency! But I just don't know what to do with it? A dry smile crossed Bernard's face as he asked John what he did.  

"Oh, I got a store out there in the country…" John said.  

"Out there in the country!" Bernard exclaimed and asked what kind of store it.  

"OH…you know", John said, "We sell gas, beer and you know, that kind of stuff"  Now Bernard was interested. "Well John, where is your store?"  

"Oh, you know…it 'out there'! Nothing around it for 20 miles!"  

"Nothing around it for 20 miles!!!! And you don't know what to do with the currency?!"  

John looked a little sheepish, so Bernard asked him, “Well John what do you do with that 'other  currency'?" As, John didn't know what Bernard was getting at, Bernard asked him again. Then after a little prodding, John realized that Bernard was talking about those dreaded Federal Reserve Notes and his face lit up and he said, "You mean I can use The Liberty Dollar just like I use those un-federal, non reserve notes?!"  

"That's right John. Just like you use those un-federal, frauds! Except you can make money using The Liberty Dollar. Have you ever noticed that they fit in your cash register even though they are slightly wider and a little shorter than that 'other currency'?" John replied that if Bernard said so, he would believe it. 

So Bernard asked John if he had a cash register? John looked at Bernard a little crooked and reassured him, "Of course, I got a cash register!"  

And the real currency, “Where do you keep your Silver Certificates?" Bernard inquired.  

“Oh, those I keep at home in a drawer in my desk. Right where it has been every since he got it!" Of  course, Bernard pointed out to John that he can't use it there, and John agreed.  

So Bernard, explained to John that since he is a Redemption Center and gets the Liberty Currency at a discount, if he simply puts it in the cash drawer and offers it as change, he could do a world of good and make some money doing it.  

“You mean I can just start handing them out?”  

"That's right John and since I bet that everybody knows you, they would accept the currency. And of course, you would accept the currency back, right? Plus the currency would act as a traffic builder for your business too…" Well, John was not so sure what a traffic builder was but he agreed that if he offered the currency, a lot of people would probably accept it.  

So, Bernard went back to some of the other Redemption Centers for a few minutes to give John a few moments to mull over his new possibilities of using the Liberty Currency. But it wasn't long until, Bernard asked John if he would like to "make more money” than just the 5% on the currency. It was about that time that John meandered down to Bernard's end of the table.  

"Make more money?” John asked as his eyes widened and he took off his cap. "How do I do that?" John inquired?  

"Well John, have you seen these Silver Libertys?" as Bernard pulled a one ounce piece out of his pocket and dropped in John's hand.  

"Yes sir, I sure have! Really beautiful!" John exclaimed. "I got some of them when I became a Redemption Center ."  

"That's right John. Have you ever noticed that it says "$10" on it…"  

"Well if you say so…" as he started to examine the Silver Liberty more closely.  

"Yes sir, John, I say so!" Bernard commented as he pointed it out to John, who now was sitting right across from him. By this time John was all ears and eager to learn how he could “make more money.”  

"Did you know you can also get the Silver Libertys at a discount?" Bernard asked.  "Yeah, I think I did. Something like, if you get 10, you can get them at $9.00 each?"  

“That's right. You get a discount on Silver Libertys because you’re a Redemption Center, and if you order 100, you can get them for $7.50?”  

“But what am I going to do with a hundred Silver Libertys?” 

“Do people ever come in to your store and buy a six pack of beer and give you a $20 bill?”  “Yeah, all the time! I’m changing $20s all day long.”  

So that means that if you got a 100 Silver Libertys and put some of them in your cash register and used them in place of a $10 bill, you would get 25…" Bernard didn't even get to finish, "25 % on your  money" before John jumped in, "25%!!! That's more than I get on the beer!!!"  

"That's right John. And when somebody walks out with a six-pack and a Silver Liberty in change, which one do you think they’re going to talk about? Here’s a clue: It ain’t the beer.”  

“Those Silver Libertys sure are a conversation piece. I already know that!”  

“Well, John, they are more than a good conversation pieces. They are good for your business. Pretty soon word will get around that your place gives Silver Libertys as change, and word-of-mouth will drive more traffic to your store. You will actually have more business simply because you use the Silver  Liberty.”  

It is rumored that John ordered 100 Silver Libertys even before Bernard could get to his car and run through 100 Silver Libertys a week for weeks that put a $1000 per month cash profit in his pocket.  

Then a few months later, when John called the NORFED office to order some Silver Certificates, the ladies at the office thought he made a mistake and asked him if he meant Silver Libertys. No that wasn't the case. As John explained, "People got so much silver that now they are asking for the convenience of the Silver Certificates! Which I am proud to accept at my store."  

And a short time after that when John called for yet another order, he explained what a traffic builder the Silver Currency had become. As John commented, "Do you know that people are coming all the way  from Charlotte to visit my store! That's over 50 miles away!! All because I got the only Silver Currency around!"  

You too can have the only Silver Currency around if you get in on the ground floor today.  

7. Digitalization of The Liberty Dollar  

As many of you know, over 98% of all Federal Reserve Notes are not paper, they are digital blips on the computer screen. As the Senior Economist, Bernard knew that to increase the usability factor of The Liberty Dollar, it must be digitized. That is what drove him to contact e-gold and ultimately lead to the creation of We have now come full circle as 3PGold has decided that holding FRN is too risky and will hold only digital Liberty Dollars as a substitute for FRNs that will be immediately  converted into FRN upon demand. Now, please just sit back and think about this for a moment, and you will soon realize the immense implications in this amazing development and its impact on the way you use The Liberty Dollar in commerce. Stay tuned for more as this amazing event develops. Meanwhile, if you have not visited yet, please give it a try. It may be everything you want: Privacy, Protection & Profit and more the 3PWay.  

8. Austinites First To Form Local NORFED Chapter 

Here’s an idea that you might want to act on in your area. A couple of RCs in and around Austin TX  finally ran into each other on the internet. They started talking and one thing led to another and now they’re getting a bunch of NORFEDers to meet each other.  

The effort began with this email by Austin RC, Jason Pratt, who wrote:  

I'm planning to start an informal group for Austin RCs and Liberty Merchants. I'd like to start by inviting anyone who lives in or around Austin, TX to join me at the Lucky Lounge on 5th Street, first  Thursday of every month at 8pm. This month, that means Friday. Anyone planning to attend - please let me know by e-mailing I plan to e-mail an invitation to everybody on who's listed in Austin, TX .  

The goal of this group will be to (1) relax and have a good time among friends and (2) to figure out ways to increase the circulation of The Liberty Dollar in and around Central Texas.  

There's strength in numbers, friends.  

9. Quote of the Month  

The front page of Wall Street Journal on February 27, 2002, in the Tax Report column, has this blurb about Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill:  

NOTABLE AND QUOTABLE: "Our tax code is an abomination" and "a drag on our ability to create jobs," says Treasury Secretary O'Neill. Estimates of how much taxpayers spend on compliance range from $70 billion to $125 billion a year. "That's a lot of lawyers and accountants," he says. "Apologies to lawyers and accountants, but it would be great to have need for a federal retraining program to convert you into product engineers."  

10. What To Say When People Ask, “What Do I Do with It?”  

The typical reaction to the Silver Liberty, most RCs report, is love at first sight. People are crazy about it. But once they come down from their “Hi Yo Silver!” high, some will shy away and ask, “what do I  do with it?”  

The best answer is a quick one: “Pass it on to the next person. That’s what money is for!” And here’s an idea that John Frederick/RC is using with great success on planet Houston. When some store clerk is reluctant to take SLs or SCs, John hands over a business card and says, "Really, you'll have no trouble spending it... here's my business card. If you just try to spend it three times and no one will take it, call me and I'll take it back."  

John says that no one has called him to come back and pick up SCs. Sounds like a winning idea and another step towards more RCs and the repeal of the F*R*!  

11. $2,000,000 Liberty Dollars in Circulation  

A major milestone was reached recently when NORFED hit the $2 million mark of Liberty Dollars in circulation. We’re gaining momentum and the pace keeps accelerating. Breaking the $2 million barrier is a tribute to the efforts of RCs everywhere in making money, doing good and having fun.  

Congratulations to all! Keep up the good work! 

12. We’ll Pay You To Get Publicity  

To publicize reaching the $2 million milestone, we have prepared a press release on the event, and would like your help in getting it to the media.  

Here’s the deal: Deliver the press release to an editor or reporter at a newspaper, magazine, journal, etc., with a $1 Silver Certificate. Then send the name, publication, address, phone and email to the NORFED office. We’ll send you back $2 Silver Certificates for every media contact you send to us.  

We’ll be sending the Press Release to you as an attachment in a separate e-mail.  Watch for it!  

Rob Del Genio  
Executive Director/Editor  

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