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NORFED Liberty Dollar Newsletter - November 1998

This month's major events for NORFED included the first $10,000 sale and the introduction of the Advisory Board. The Board is make up of all the concerned citizens who have exchanged a minimum of $10,000 in Federal Reserve Notes (FRN) for American Liberty Currency (ALC). And yes, the Advisory Board seats are available for accumulative sales of $10,000 also.

NORFED was also blessed with the opening of a Redemption Center by Mr. G. Edward Griffin, the noted author of "Creature from Jekyll Island - A Second Look at the Federal Reserve". "Creature" is truly an outstanding work and one of the few that presents a realistic plan to repeal the Federal Reserve Act. Please visit Ed's web site at: for the truth about person health matters and Ed's testimonial in support of NORFED's currency as a stop towards repealing the F.R.

NORFED also enjoyed notional coverage form "Media Bypass" magazine that featured the American Liberty Currency on the November cover and devoted five full pages to describing the currency. The article also included a legal opinion letter outlining the facts that NORFED's currency is legal, just like the other 40 plus local currencies.

"The Spotlight" also featured American Liberty Currency on the two full-page centerfold on November 16, 1998. Based on a radio interview of Bernard von NotHaus, NORFED's Senior Economist, by Tom Valentine for Radio Free America, the article addressed many details and the economic principles of the warehouse receipt. It continued with a quick history about the origin of paper money that was issued for value stored, just like NORFED'' American Liberty Currency that is backed 100% with silver.

In summary, the currency exchanges from FRN to ALC continued at a brisk with a total of $50,000 in circulation at the close of the month. The Redemption Centers totaled over 50 and were operating in over half of the United States. Thank you for your support of returning America to a value backed currency.

Bernard von NotHaus
Designer/Senior Economist
American Liberty Currency

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