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NORFED Liberty Dollar Newsletter - November 1999

Aloha and Welcome to all the new Redemption Centers since the last email!!! Thanks to all of you and your sponsors, the big news is that NORFED continues to grow and grow. And like most organizations, there are stars and the rest do their best. So as NORFED moves towards 300 Redemption Centers, I urge everyone to sponsor just one more Redemption Center, please.

More big news is that I am on my way to Florida for a warm Y2K experience, fresh oysters and cold beer. As a matter of fact I will be going through Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Florida. Of course I will be seeing Redemption Centers going and then upon my return to Indiana in January. So if you get this, please let me know if you are interested in meeting with me, as I try to see as many RCs as the schedule permits.

If you have any feelings or concerns regarding Y2K and NORFED then please let me know. As I am leaving in less than a week, its gotta be crazy, but I will do my best to respond to you emails…and if you have any wishes or suggestion, let me have them too.

The question of damaged currency has been brought up by a Redemption Center when his 13 month daughter got into his ALCs. No Problem. If the currency is damaged by use or abuse or simply worn due to circulation, then simply return it to NORFED Central in Evansville and Sarah will replace it. Just remember that more that half of any partial Certificate must be submitted for exchange.

I recently consolidated the main points of the New American Dollar into a "Thesis". Please note it is at the bottom of is email and also attached as a document for those of you who can download attachments. As always, you comments are welcome and encouraged. So please let me know your thoughts.

Date: Thu, 02 Dec 1999 16:08:20 -0500

Please take a look at:

And check out this interesting article by Charles Evans with e-gold:

This graph, which was prepared by Topline Investment Graphics, depicts the relationship between the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) and the price of gold over the past century.

Past performance is no indication of future performance. I am neither licensed nor qualified to offer investment advice. This is purely for illustrative and entertainment purposes, only.

The horizontal (x) axis represents time. The vertical (y) axis represents the DJIA divided by the price of an ounce of gold.

In other words, if the DJIA were 11,000 and the gold price were 300, then the y-axis value would be 11,000/300 = 36.67. If the DJIA fell to 6,000 and the gold price rose to 3,000, then the y-axis value would be 6,000/3,000 = 2.

In the late 1920s, the y-axis value peaked around 18 before crashing to 2.

In the early 1960s, the y-axis value peaked around 28 and slid to around 1 over the next decade.

In July 1999, the y-axis reached a historical high of around 42, and is now around 38.

Charles W. Evans
G&SR, Executive VP

NORFED sponsored a contest with the Henry Hazlitt Foundation at,net. It was a great success, drawing the second largest number of contestants in their four year history and this was in spite of offering only $200 in ALC versus some of the contests that offered prizes up to $2000. Again it just shows you that the interest is out there – we just have to bring the new silver backed currency to their attention. My sincere thanks to Chris Witten, the Executive Director at HHF.

We are now offering the unsuccessful contestants a new contest on the NORFED site. You can find it at the very top of the Home Page. And although it is not engineered for Redemption Centers, you can enter it and even hedge your chances if you are interested in getting product at face value. Or you can just simply enter to win…

The new video I made with Dennis Grover is also available on the Home Page. It is located at the very bottom. Real player is available free, so give it a try. We have gotten good reviews on it. So if you are interested, please get a copy direct from Dennis or NORFED because it definitely looks a lot better on a TV versus a computer.

Also new on the Home Page is a new "window" in the grid. Look for "Winning Stories". It will be the depository for all those great stores about how you have just used the New American Dollar that you share with Sarah. Keep up the great work!!! And email a very short story (max. 50 word please) to and it will become part of the NORFED history.


1. That first and foremost, the demand for a value backed currency is a moral issue and that the government is itself a moral hazard because it creates the law that should govern itself. Therefore control of the money cannot be entrusted to the government. "Regulate the value thereof (i.e. denomination)" but not control.

2. That there is no greater example of government intervention than legalized fiat government money and fractional reserve banking. And that there is no greater disruption to the market, our lives, freedom and morality than the current Federal Reserve (F*R*) Notes.

3. That if you refuse to volunteer, if you refuse to sign a 1040 Form, then you, personally, are not required to file a Return with the IRS, keep any records nor report anything to any government.

4. That much of what plagues America is related to money and its lack of value. Be it domestic problems, political turmoil, or international conflicts, there would be fewer problems and more prosperity if the money was not manipulated for self interest.

5. That in keeping with the tenets of Austrian economics - a loss of value in the financial system produces a loss of value in the social and political systems - the simple solution to our problem is: Stop using "their" money. Start using the New American Dollar and take back American one dollar at a time.

6. That we can, Change the money - Change the country. That when the people own the money (as is the case with a bearer warehouse receipt currency), the people control the government, but when the government owns the money (as is the case with the F*R* Notes), it controls the people.

7. That the people must retain control via ownership of the money, thereby establishing the market and the value of the money. A warehouse receipt is the only currency that provides the bearer with a stand-alone, legal title of ownership for a specific amount of commodity as specified on the currency.

8. That a value backed currency must remain "organic" like the people it serves and be allowed to change to reflect the changing value in the market which can only be provided by a Free Market Currency without government control.

9. That the New American Dollar is an example of a "Free Market Currency" - designed to be 100% legal, 100% backed and redeemable in a commodity (silver), that works in unison with the free market of the commodity and also functions in parallel with the current F*R* Notes, regardless of the price of the commodity that backs it.

10.That the New American Dollar stands guard against the F*R* System and the IRS of constant war and perpetual debt financed by fiat government money.

Well that is it once more. Have fun, make money and do good for our Country by opening a new Redemption Center for the New American Dollar – TODAY..

Many thanks for your support! Without we can never win!

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