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NORFED Liberty Dollar Newsletter - October 1999 - Part 2

Dear Fellow NORFEDers,

I promise this is a quick one with a few items I didn’t include in #5…part 1.

It has been a month now and Sarah’s computer is still down and has us in an uproar. So NORFED will not have the monthly Referral

Fees out as planned…sorry. But it seems like it is on the mend and we will be back to "normal" soon.

Meanwhile there is a major contest underway with the Henry Hazlitt Foundation. I encourage to take a moment and check out this quality site and enter the contest. You could will $200 in ALC. And equally important is to add to the already good showing that the contest has generated. Good Luck!!

Just go to:

And with this email NORFED launches its own contest. At the suggest of one of the RC’s, NORFED will give away $100 in ALC to the first RC that signs up ten businesses that will accept the New American Dollar. Good Luck II !!

And here’s another promo. If you have not gotten one of the new $20 Proof Certificates…NORFED will give away a $20 Proof Certificate to every RC who sponsors a new RC between now and December 31. And the new RC will get a $20 Certificate too!

Now in the lunacy department…here is a paragraph from a speech by a certain Marvin Goodfriend, who is the Senior Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank in Richmond, VA. (If this Senior Economist ever falls to this level, please shoot me.)

Goodfriend went so far as to suggest that citizens could be taxed on the Federal Reserve notes they carry in their pockets "by imbedding a magnetic strip in each bill. The magnetic strip could visibly record when a bill was last withdrawn from the banking system. A carry tax could be deducted from each bill upon deposit according to how long the bill was in circulation since last withdrawn and how much carry tax was 'past due.'"

You can read the whole speech at:

That’s it. Have fun! And please give the contest a try.

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