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NORFED Liberty Dollar Newsletter - September 2003

ACTION ITEMS: Celebrate our success with the 5th Anniversary book, special $1 and $5 Libertys and Certificates. Join the Party in Austin! Check out the goodies in this Newsletter and congratulate yourself on a very successful, happening, and positive FIVE YEARS. Thank you!


  2. Book, FREE $50 Cert. NEW $50 Silver Liberty, Etc.
  3. Annual Audit and Inspection for 2003
  4. Liberty University & Liberty General Stores Update
  5. US $20 Bill Debuts on Oct. 9th
  6. Deception Dollar
  7. Changes to the Internet site
  8. Hijack Your Town as an RCO
  9. Incident of the Month
  10. Question of the Month
  11. Liberty Associate of the Month
  12. Quote of the Month


They said it wouldn't work. They said it wouldn't last a month. They said it wasn't legal. They said nobody would use it. They were wrong!

Five years after its launch, the Liberty Dollar is the second most popular and fastest-growing currency in America, used by nearly 100,000 people, and closing in on $5 million in circulation! The bottom line: it does work, it is legal, and people are using the Liberty Dollar! So please join us for the 5th Anniversary Party in Austin, Texas on October 1st.

Congratulations!! Praise the Lord and all the good people like yourself who have taken a stand for value and have become involved with the Liberty Dollar.

What’s caused our growth? It’s not slick, fancy, questionable advertising or even much marketing. We simply exchange those dreaded, depreciating Federal Reserve dollars into real Liberty Dollars – backed by gold and silver. The Liberty Dollar is a superior currency in every way except one – circulation and acceptance. So on this occasion, we’re putting together a new program to address the Liberty Merchant side of the economic equation. Soon, signing up Merchants will allow Associates to earn additional Liberty Dollars. The details will be made available after the 5th Anniversary event is behind us (whew!)

The Liberty Dollar is truly a new and unique currency in all the world. There has never been a private, market-driven, non-profit, 100% backed and redeemable commodity currency – ever. By simply returning the ownership of the money to the people in a peaceful, voluntary manner, the Liberty Dollar offers a simple solution: Stop using “their” money and return America to value – one dollar at a time.

I salute every one who supports the Liberty Dollar and look forward to welcoming more. My heartfelt thanks for all your efforts during these historic five years.

2. 5th Anniversary Book, $50 Certificate, and $50 Silver Liberty

NORFED’s 5th Anniversary Book: “The Liberty Dollar – A Solution to the Federal Reserve” will be introduced at the 5th Anniversary Party at 7:00 PM in Austin, Texas with one free copy for each Associate. Additional copies of the 500+ page work are only a penny a page for Associates at the party. Regular price is $14.95 in USD or ALD. Can’t make it to Austin? As a Liberty Associate or Merchant, you can get it at the special $5 price if you order before it is issued on Wednesday. And with our usual satisfaction guaranteed, if you don’t like it, you can return it in original condition for a refund.

If you have been reading this Newsletter, you know that the book is only one of many items we have created to commemorate this “all-but-impossible” anniversary. So in addition to the book, the $1 Silver Liberty, $1 silver certificates dated 2004, the $5 Silver Liberty and $5 silver certificates dated 2004, and a special 5th Anniversary t-shirt, please add an incredible $50 Silver Liberty and a $50 certificate Proof to your list of anniversary items. Yeah!

The $50 certificate has all the features of the $1, $5, $10 and the $20 certificate that commemorated the First Anniversary. The $50 certificate is green and adds beautifully to the rainbow currency. Like the other denominations, it is a quarter of an inch longer for the sight impaired. And like the $20 certificate, it will not be issued as a circulating currency until the price of silver is over $20 per ounce. This Proof is also a limited edition – only 5,000 will be issued. Each one is individually numbered with the PR preface to denote that it is a PROOF.

Please note that the $50 Proof is not backed by silver. It states: “Proof Only – No Silver” and is a wonderful addition to the other four certificates issued to date. Here’s the best part: a free $50 certificate has been reserved for each Liberty Associate, Merchant and Supporter who contacts us before October 31. To get your free $50 Certificate, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the NORFED Office in Evansville and we will send you one. Additional $50 certificates are only $5 each. First come – first served. No quantity discounts. When we are out, we are out.

Please send in your order now. This free offer expires at midnight on Friday, October 31, 2003. To view the $50 certificate go to this page here and look under “images”

Have you noticed all the “fives” in the commemorative? Well, we couldn’t issue a special $50 certificate without a $50 Silver Liberty to go with it. So the most impressive numismatic commemorative of all has to be the new $50 Silver Liberty! And unlike the $50 Certificate, the massive $50 Silver Liberty contains five ounces of .999 fine silver and is 63 mm (2.5 inches) in diameter. You can feel the heft!

The most remarkable feature of this Silver Liberty is that it has micro-engraving around the rim, which is the first time such a device has been used on specie in numismatic history. With a ultra high relief, mirror finish, fully reeded edge and safely stored in a custom clear plastic capsule, THIS is the commemorative to get. Plus it too is a limited edition of only 5,000.

Quite frankly, five-ounce items like the $50 Silver Liberty are regularly priced at $100 or more by others in the industry, but Liberty Associates can scoop these up at face value or less. The $50 Silver Liberty is $50 each for 1-9 Libertys, $47.50 for 10-24, and $45 for 25 or more Libertys. There’s no minimum order. The bottom line: $50 is great price for Associates given the amount of silver, the costs of oversize dies, the manufacturing costs, and the deep proof finish. In the near future you’ll see this item being marketed at $75, $100, or more to non-Associates.

NOTE: The Limited Editions of the $1 Silver Libertys and the $5 Silver Libertys are about half gone. So if you want to get a few of these, I would encourage you to act soon, as both have proven to be very popular.

3. Annual Audit and Inspection for 2003

I will say it again…there is nothing like a Mint Tour. Even if you are not a “Mintmaster” or even a coin collector, just the sheer piles of silver bars, tables full of silver strip, and the mountains of silver “waste” are just wonderful to see. Probably the best part is watching the big crucibles pouring the melted silver into thousand-ounce “billets.” In addition to a complete tour and explanation of the minting process, this year’s visitors to the Annual Audit and Inspection were treated to watching actual Silver Libertys being minted! And of course, no tour is complete without a visit into the vault to check out the pile of gold and silver Libertys that back up the Liberty Dollar.

Who had such a treat? Well, on September 12, Tom Power, Chief of Operations and Warehouseman for the Liberty Dollar; Ada Loper, CPA and Auditor; and Bernard von NotHaus, Monetary Architect were joined by Sarah Bledsoe, the Manager of the Fulfillment Office for NORFED, Jason Pratt, board member and his wife Kelly, Jim Gleixner, Associate; Tricia Andrews, and Lawrence Ashdown and the noted photographer and Associate, Fredric Lehrman. Fredric was even permitted to photograph inside Sunshine for the first time. We hope to show you some of his pictures soon. After the tour, Tom, Ada, and Bernard signed the Annual Audit Report, which was witnessed by Sarah and Jason. The Annual report is now posited at (Brian's note: internet archive link).

Any Associate can join the fun of the Annual Warehouse Audit and Inspection. Every September, a small group of six Associates and their spouses travel to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to witness that the gold and silver is really stored as certified by Sunshine, NORFED, and the CPA. Every year there are holdovers as more than six people usually apply. So if you want to go, please think ahead and send your request now. I think this is one of the best tours anywhere, and in five years, nobody has left disappointed!

4. Liberty University & Liberty General Store Update

Liberty University Opens for RCOs As a special for all new RCOs, Wayne Hicks is launching “Liberty University” on Monday, October 6th, at his office in Berryville, Arkansas. The cost is $500 per attendee, which includes 3 nights (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) at the local Liberty Merchant Motel, the Shamrock Inn. Wayne’s staff will also provide transportation from and to the airport at Springfield, Missouri, for those who are flying in, just let them know what time you get in.

As Wayne explains: “On Monday, in the classroom, you'll learn about how we started the whole program, and go over the expenses and earnings for the first six months. We'll show you how the business began, how we made what appears to be a losing proposition pay, and just what obstacles we had to overcome in order to succeed. We'll cover the four phases of operation from my original plan, which are Introduction, Acceptance, Promotion, and Sustained Circulation. Each phase is critical to your own business as an RCO, and you'll receive a small Handbook, which will cover these areas in detail. Monday will end with a dinner for the group and several of our Liberty Merchants, plus Bernard von NotHaus as our Guest of Honor. Bernard is always informative and entertaining, and he's bound to make the dinner fun for all of us!

“On Tuesday you'll go outside the classroom with our incredibly successful salesman, Terry, watching as he actually signs up new merchants for the program! You'll be able to see Liberty money in action, and ask questions that will help you make Liberty Merchants out of your own local businesses!"

Then on Wednesday, after you check out of the motel, we'll go out and visit with some of our established Liberty Merchants in the morning, and finish up with an afternoon Q&A Session for any questions that hadn't been answered already. We'll close up around 3 PM, so that you can make your flight or other transportation back home.”

Becoming an RCO is a challenging and rewarding decision, and like any venture, it has risks and pitfalls that can be minimized with proper advice and training. Wayne and his staff have stepped forward to offer that training to you and your employees. If you have become a RCO or are considering becoming a RCO, it is strongly suggested that you take this quick and valuable course at “Liberty University.” Please advise Wayne via the contact info below if you plan to bring several people for special arrangements.

Liberty General Stores Is Seeking Products

Liberty General Stores is seeking new American-made products to market in its growing chain of retail outlets. CEO Wayne Hicks says, "we're looking for just about anything that the average American might want, from clothing to shoes to housewares to health and beauty aids to you name it... Liberty General is the first chain store to actively support and use the Liberty Dollar, and we want American-made products whenever we can get them."

Liberty General opened its first store in August of this year, and is already planning the opening of as many as seven more stores over the next few months. Currently, the store is carrying well-known designer jeans and other clothing, common household items, jewelry, toys and other general merchandise, and is rapidly becoming popular.

One reason for that popularity in this area known for wide acceptance of the Liberty Dollar is the fact that the store offers a discount off its already lower-than-the-other-guys prices for customers that use Liberty Dollars when they buy. This not only serves to promote the store and the Liberty Dollar, but also supports the Regional Currency Office for the area, by giving Merchants a way to use Liberty Dollars more profitably than by returning them for conversion to FRNs.

Liberty General is planning to open a store near every RCO, in order to help enhance the circulation of Liberty Dollars, and will permit the RCO to recover the Liberty Dollars at standardized discount rates, thereby building a stronger market for Liberty Dollars nationwide. For more information about Liberty University or the Liberty General Stores, contact Wayne Hicks at 870-423-4172, or email

5. US $20 Bill Debuts on October 9th


by BETSY STREISAND from New York Times September 28, 2003

"Even so, as the Treasury Department prepares to introduce a redesigned $20 bill on Oct. 9, it isn't taking any chances that confusion over the bill's new look will interfere with commerce. And it is not relying on the standard government approach of public service booklets and brochures to get out the word. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing will spend $33 million on advertising, marketing and education programs to promote the new bill, and it has hired a public relations firm and, in a first, a product placement firm and one of Hollywood's top talent agencies to put the $20 bill on the publicity circuit. By the time the new bill joins the currency flow next month, it will have appeared virtually everywhere but on the ballot for California's recall election. "" During the introduction week, the bill is likely to be featured on many news and entertainment programs just because it's newsworthy. But it will also have a starring role on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," with hundreds of new $20 bills doled out to audience members, and Meredith Vieira, the host, explaining the bills and waving them in front of the camera. The bill will get a category of questions on "Jeopardy" and will pop up on "America's Funniest Home Videos." In one of several joint marketing efforts between the Treasury and consumer goods companies, the bill's design will grace bags of Pepperidge Farm's Goldfish crackers, and the crackers themselves will be colored to match the new bills. Images of the new note will pop up on thousands of A.T.M.'s, and the bill will even be superimposed electronically on the field during college football games on ESPN and Monday Night Football on ABC. "

The banks are desperate to have you buy their money. You didn't buy the Sacagawa, are you going to buy this? Doesn't something smell fishy?

6. Deception Dollar

Five years ago, while on my first Annual National Tour, I met Carol Brouillet, a very bright woman dedicated to community currencies and sustainable economies. And although we shared many things in common, we were divided on the impact of gold mining on the environment. You might well imagine my viewpoint versus her viewpoint, as mining is now, after a long history, one of most tightly regulated, environment friendly industries in the United States. I was visiting Paul Topete, the leader of the patriotic rock band Poker Face, when he mentioned the Deception Dollar. And although I had marveled at its outstanding graphics and serious message, I was amazed that Carol Brouillet was responsible for it. So I quickly called Carol and as luck would have it, stopped by her place in Palo Alto, California. WOW! I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Carol had already placed two million Deception Dollars in circulation. If you are unfamiliar with the Deception Dollar, please visit Carol’s web site or to view or order the currency. I strongly urge anyone interested in the 9-11 tradegy to get a Deception Dollar, research the links on it and share the Deception Dollar with other people. It is truly an amazing piece of work. Thank you, Carol, for your noble efforts in our country’s behalf.

7. Changes to the Internet site

My apologies for the problems you may have encountered on our new site. We have certainly had our share of problems switching from FrontPage to Dreamweaver software, but as we get many, many more orders than problems, I think we are getting better. So hopefully the problem is not as bad as it may seem to you, but if you are having a problem, I know how frustrating it can be, and I apologize.

Please be aware every Associate has TWO ACCOUNTS.

1. Your Liberty Associate Account, which provides access to the Liberty Associate discount shopping cart, change data for your listing or change your password and also access to the Affiliate Program’s banners and text links. You must login to your Associate account through the Liberty Associate button in the Tool Bar at the top of our homepage at Simply select the Associate Login button, at the left side of that page. Enter your Associate ID number (NRCXXXXX). Be sure to use all capitals for NRC. Then enter your passcode, which is case sensitive.

2. Your Digital Dollar Account only provides access to your Liberty Dollars Account for Liberty Dollars in digital form. To access your digital dollar account, click the top left area BELOW the Masthead on the homepage at, which says: “Click here to open or login into your Digital Liberty Dollar account.” Enter your username supplied by NORFED and your passcode (which for security reasons should be different than your passcode for your Associate Account). And if it the first time you have logged in, enter your Associate Number (NRCXXXXX) as your passcode and then you will be directed to change your passcode for security reasons.

Please write down your usernames and passcodes for BOTH accounts. If you lose your username or passcode or encounter any other problems, please contact the Office via email or phone. Although your login info is encrypted to be hidden even from us, we can still assist you upon proper verification.

8. Hijack Your Town as an RCO

Maybe “hijack” is the wrong word, although if it caught your attention, you should consider the unique situation that the Regional Currency Office (RCO) offers. If you have a background in business or strong entrepreneurial abilities, then I encourage you to visit the RCO FAQ: Today, with gold and silver still down, but showing promise for the future, is the best time to consider “hijacking” the town where you live and growing your RCO into a successful business as the precious metals situation plays itself out. NORFED has received, approved and chartered over nearly two dozen RCOs, with another half dozen applications waiting action. The candidates have been very impressive, with proven track records in business. As this group grows and bonds together into a national network around the annual Congress, it will become the lynchpin of our solution to the Federal Reserve. The Regional Currency Office is a business for any Associate who meets the criteria and wants to develop a profitable business around the Liberty Dollar. I hope to hear from you soon.

9. Incident of the Month

They say you’re not truly successful in business until you’ve been sued. We have learned that in July 2002 an individual about 17 years of age, said to be retarded, went into a Tower Records store in Oregon, bought a CD with a Silver Liberty and ran into trouble, perhaps arising from his own behavior. We are informed that the young man, now 18 years of age, and his father or guardian, both apparently unemployed and living in or around Seattle, have filed a civil suit against a huge number of entities and people, including, among others, NORFED, an Oregon County, the State of Oregon, an Oregon City and its Police Department and the Federal Reserve – a confused collection of allegations about civil rights and other subjects against various governmental, corporate and individual defendants which otherwise may not have anything material in common with one another.

Crazy? Yes! Expensive? Yes, for the taxpayers who support the judicial system and all those government and public employee defendants – and for NORFED, too, the more so if it turns out NORFED must defend the case.

Truly, lots of American litigation is out of control.

10. Question of the Month

QUESTION: Is the Liberty Dollar really making progress? ANSWER: YES!!! While many people said it wouldn't work, or that it wouldn't last a month, or that it wasn't legal, or that nobody would use it, or even worse, the marketplace has spoken and an increasing number of people are converting their fiat ‘federal’ money to a value-backed currency. Five years ago there was no alternative. You had no choice. Today, there is a clear choice. Today, the Liberty Dollar has been chosen by nearly 100,000 people, and closing in on $5 million in circulation! Today, progress is actually measured in dollars – free and independent value-backed Liberty Dollars. What are you waiting for? Get off the fence and join the party. Get some Liberty Dollars today and return America to value – one dollar at a time!

11. Liberty Associate of the Month

Of all the 3,000+ Liberty Associates, there is no one more dedicated, harder working and longer serving than our September Associate of the Month. I first met this Associate when I arrived in Evansville after Jim Thomas picked me up at the airport in 1998. This incredibly dedicated person was the third Liberty Associate. Who is she? None other than Sarah Bledsoe, the manager of the NORFED Fulfillment Office. For a thousand reasons, and sometimes it seems like that many in a single day, for all the wonderful help to many of us, our cause and especially to me, Sarah is the Liberty Associate of the Month and a whole lot more. Thank you, Sarah, for all your many efforts and your willingness to learn so many new things about money.

12. Quote of the Month

"The liberty of the individual, which is rightfully one of the proudest possessions of the American people, is largely a freedom from arbitrary action by those possessed of the power of government." City of St. Paul v. Robert Morris, 258 Minn. 467, 104 N.W.2d 902 (1960).

Thank you for your continued support. Fore it is only by banding together and adopting a free and independent currency which provides us with “just weights and measures” will we be able to throw off the yoke of a manipulated and controlled money and return to a peaceful and prosperous time.

Bernard von NotHaus
Monetary Architect/Editor

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