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Pewter Piece

2004 NORFED "Sixth Anniversary Fair" Pewter Commemorative Token

2004 NORFED "Sixth Anniversary Fair" Hand-Struck Pewter Commemorative Token
Created from the Pewter Piece image at Ron Goodger's Liberty Dollar Encyclopedia
2004 NORFED "Sixth Anniversary Fair" Pewter Token
MMNS Slabbed Pewter Commemorative Piece


The NORFED "Sixth Anniversary Fair" hand-struck pewter commemorative token is a rare and collectible item created exclusively for attendees of the Sixth Anniversary Fair in Evansville, Indiana, in October 2004. This was minted at the grand opening of the Liberty Dollar Fulfillment Center and is an incredible piece of NORFED history. Much of what we know about this piece comes from former RCO Ron Goodger, who attended the event and documented it in the Liberty Dollar Encyclopedia.

Manufacturing Process

At the event, attendees witnessed the entire minting process:

  • Pouring Metal: Craftsmen poured metal into molds to form the initial shape.
  • Rolling to Thickness: The metal was then rolled to achieve the proper thickness.
  • Punching Planchets: Planchets were punched out from the rolled metal.
  • Striking the Design: The obverse and reverse designs were struck using a hand-operated screw press.
  • Edge Stamping: The edge of the token was roll stamped with "Gallery Mint," which repeats once more around the circumference.

The tokens were minted by Master Engraver Ron Landis and his partner Joe Rust of the Gallery Mint using a screw press, possibly with dies supplied by NORFED. The celebration and live minting demonstration attracted about 200 attendees, but not all purchased the tokens. Although it is reported that around 200 pieces were made, the exact number produced or sold is unknown.

Design Details

  • Obverse: Features a Mercury Head in high relief. The word "LIBERTY" appears above the head, "In God We Trust" is inscribed to the lower left, and "est. 1998" is at the bottom. This design is a modified stock die with added commemorative details.
  • Reverse: The reverse of the token displays the NORFED torch and rays logo. "Sixth Anniversary Fair" is inscribed above, with "2004" below. A capital "E" appears to the lower right, which may indicate the mintmark of the gentleman who made the token or could represent Eureka Springs, AR, the home of the Gallery Mint.
  • Edge: Roll stamped with "Gallery Mint," repeating once.

Size and Composition

The token is approximately the size of a US nickel and is made of pewter, a malleable metal alloy consisting of tin, antimony, copper, bismuth, and sometimes silver. While it is not technically a Liberty Dollar, it holds significant value as a piece of NORFED memorabilia and history.

Condition and Quality

Being hand-struck, these pieces exhibit the charming and unique imperfections typical of such a process:

  • Design Alignment: The design is not perfectly centered.
  • Finish Quality: The finish is good but not at proof or uncirculated quality; it is excellent for a hand-struck round.

Collector's Value

Although it has no denomination and was never intended to circulate, it holds significant interest for collectors of NORFED rounds:

  • Rarity: This limited edition piece is extremely rare.
  • Historical Significance: It is a valuable piece for those interested in the history of NORFED, its founder, or its philosophy.
  • Numismatic Value: The unique creation process and historical context add substantial numismatic value to the right collectors.